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Four pieces of wedding advice I have received

People who have gotten married are wonderful - and full of advice (mainly four pieces of the same advice)!  Here are the main things that married people have said to me in one variation or another:

1.  Things are not going to be perfect.
i.e. Don’t turn into a freaking out, raging b****.

One of my friends said that prior to her wedding, she had been very insistent about having the fireplace lit for her indoor ceremony.  However, she was so busy - and happy! - that she never even realized it had never been lit until way afterward - when it absolutely did not matter.  

Lesson: Things WILL go wrong (as they do), but if you are happy, THAT is the point - not the thing being on another thing so it can look cool, thereby causing you to be happy.

2.  It will go by quickly.
i.e.  Be totally “there”.

Think about how long a day is spent waking up, commuting, going to work, maybe grabbing drinks, having dinner and watching TV later that night?  A day is still a day no matter how you spend it.

Lesson:  You don’t get this day again, and you choose the quality of your day at every moment, so focus on the things that matter.

3.  It’s only one day.
i.e.  Don’t spend so much money because you have the rest of your lives to live!  

I can tell how much a married woman spent on her wedding by how exasperatedly she says, “And you know what?  It doesn’t even matter….” in reference to her own wedding.  Someone excitedly told me about the wedding dress she found on Craigslist on the cheap.  Others, I’m sure, either still regret the thousands they spent on a dress that they’ll never wear again.

Lesson:  It’s only one day in the beginning of a new life together.  Don’t blow your load.

4.  Take time for you and your husband.
i.e.  Oh yeah - that guy!  

This is a very public day for the both of you.  It’s important to remember that at the end of the day - and every day - that it is just going to be you two, and that’s why you’re doing this thang :)

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